The game of how many days of going into the office can I miss before I get fired. 

Anonymous: So you're saying learn by doing/making stuff rather than solely reading textbooks?

A healthy mixture of both keeps the brain matter off the ceiling. 

Anonymous: How the fuck did you learn to program without killing yourself? Book: words words, interesting stuff, exercise, words words words. Me: Do exercise, zone out during all the boring stuff

I still want to kill myself a lot while programming, its over coming the hurdles of certain projects that I look forward to. I learned by making things I found useful and learning structure based on it.

Anonymous: Andrew... How hard would it be on "flix roulette" to add a link to a film or television show's trailer? I've been able to find most trailers with ease on YouTube. But it's a bit of a pain to jump back and forth between pages. It would be really convenient to have access to the trailer on your site. Tom Cogburn, Knoxville, TN

Not hard at all, I’ll look into it later tonight.