• The Soundscape of Cities

    Exploring the power of sonic branding in creating a sense of place and belonging.

  • Merci, Amy.

    A serendipitous meeting in a Tokyo restaurant sparks a night of wandering and self-discovery.

  • A Requiem for Roots and Wings

    In the fading light of a Seattle sunset, I find myself torn between the comfort of the past and the allure of a new beginning.

  • Black Culture Is Not Your Prop

    Cultural lines are crossed and respect is lost.

  • The Watering Hole

    Where strangers become friends and stories come to life, one drink at a time.

  • Back in the Saddle

    Reflections on Rainway's journey and a glimpse into the next chapter.

  • The Beauty of Strangers

    An introspection of how we view the strangers that intersect with our lives.

  • Feared by Default

    Life as a Black man is a lifetime spent looking over your shoulder.

  • The Black Tax

    The cost of being successful and Black in America.

  • A Journey to the American Dream

    The story of a black kid in the pursuit of happiness and the inequality, hardship, and struggles they faced along the way.