We Made It! The Flix Roulette API Is Being Expanded!


Slow and steady wins the race it seems, we entered our last 5 hours of the campaign and we were still at 75%, it looked as if we weren’t going to reach our goal. I headed off to code a side project thinking how to budget what was earned and how I could still go about expanding certain features.

   But I gave up too quickly, because someone ninja’d a 120$ contribution and we reached our goal evenly! I can’t thank you all enough for your support. I’m happy to say a recode of the Flix Roulette API and its crawling will be going underway as soon as possible. Your funds have paid for dedicated servers and more Dr.Pepper. With Netflix’s official API shutting down it was more important than ever to make sure Flix Roulette’s stayed online.

   All prizes and personal rewards will be given out as soon as possible. Thank you all and if you have any suggestions you’d like to make to the API do so here 


- Andrew

Oh and if any of you are curious what that side project was

It’s a free open source desktop Youtube player that will let you stream any youtube video without needing a browser, I know its ugly. i’m coding functions atm :p